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Established in 2014 by a Group of Managers and Consultants with Combined experience of over 1,000 projects in the areas of Executive Learning and Development, Customer service, Occupational Safety, CSR, Business management and ISO implementation . we are also registered with HRDF.

Some of Our Programmes

The Electronic writing is crisp and professional to engage with readers in the digital age.  Digital readers don’t read all that you write but they skim and scan for the information they need. Are your e-mail, short messaging text, and other electronic posts engaging and crisp to catch the reader’s attention? Get your message delivered effectively by putting the reader first and bring the key information to the forefront to allow the reader to skim

Most adults struggle with flexible thinking. This skill is one of three main executive functions together with working memory and inhibitory control (self-control) that serve as the “command center” of the brain and it is key to our ability to solve problems and make good decisions.

Flexible thinking allows cognitive flexibility to shift gears and think about something in more than one way. It plays an important role in both learning and daily life. Understand various thinking styles, and the skills to make better decision and to solve workplace problems. This ability will enable you to adapt, to explore, and to generate new ideas and successful in our undertaking.

By going the extra mile, you will stand out from the crowd because most customer service people are unwilling to even go the first mile let alone the extra mile. Even when things go wrong, the appropriate extra mile will not only recover the business — it will turn a disappointed customer into a loyal customer

Building Relationship in Business by Body Language and Genuine Attitude:

Authenticity is about presence. Being real and genuine radiate confidence and puts the people around you at ease, like a genuine old friend. Your appearance, your attitude and your body language are a powerful form of non-verbal communication, and through these qualities you convey a range of emotions and reactions to others. While verbal and written communication will vary from country to country and region to region, human body language can be quite universal.


We keep up with the times to delight you with quality programmes

We focus on learning, and “Change” is the only real indicator of true learning. If you invest in learning and nothing changes, has learning taken place?

We utilize a blended method of development. Our programmes often incorporate more than one delivery methods. Learners are engaged by experienced instructors who are excited to share their experiences; use of beautiful and content rich visual and audio materials, facilitate peers learning and groups discussion, up-to-date case studies, carefully designed learning games and activities are used to engage our learners and at the end of the workshop prepare a short-term action plan of implementation. Afterall more than 80% of learning takes place when the new skills are used within the learners’ work environment that makes the learning stick, causing a behavior change that produces desired results. 

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